Monthly Archives: July 2013

BANDS: Papa – I Am The Lion King

This duo from LA make infectious pop-rock influenced by Modest Mouse and early Kings of Leon goodness. Plus they’re so hot you could fry an egg on their faces. We give you, Papa. 


Hailing from LA and sounding like The Killers and KOL had some sexy babies, Papa are the perfect mix of summertime blues meets road trip rock. Listen to them with the wind in your hair and a beer in your hand and you won’t be disappointed. 

Having sourly missed their sneaky show in London two weeks ago before heading back to the US, we’re pleased to inform that this beard brigade are returning to Madame JoJo’s on August 21st, and we’ll be in the front row. 

Check out the wonderfully named ‘ I Am The Lion King’ and the infectious little fucker that is ‘Put Me To Bed’ below.